CISS for Epson Artisan 1430

Empty - CISS for Epson Artisan 1430

  • $ 39.95

CISS Key Features:

  • UV and Dust Shielded Ink Tank Housing
  • Isobarically Balanced Ink Chambers
  • System integrated Internal Back Flow Dampers
  • ARC Auto Reset Chip - Returns Ink Levels to Full
  • Oversized Micro Screens - Eliminates Banding Issues
  • Integrated Poppet Valve - Safely remove cartridges
  • Ink Level Windows - Easily monitor your ink level
  • Includes all hardware for mounting and priming CISS
  • System requires 600 ml of ink to operate
  • Exterior Ink Tank Color: Black
- CISS replaces Epson cartridges: T079120, T079220, T079320, T079420, T0797520, T079620
- For printers using Epson Ink Code: 79